Are you looking for something to do in your free time? Sketching is one of the best when it comes to arts and entertainments. If you want to come up with excellent shading, below are the few tactics on to sketch:-

Always avoid smudging

It’s good to use an extra piece of paper when shading, place it underneath your hand. Smudging will help you to come out with smooth shading. Also, if you are left-handed, it’s good to start sketching from the right and move on to the left. If you use right-hand, starts from left to right.

Taking the right control

Most artists don’t know how to take control while sketching. If you are using a pencil, it’s good to take the position of your hand to the end of it. However, when you grip your pen further, will give you less precision and control leading to beautiful shading.

Use tracing paper with a mirror

For you to come up with a satisfactory result, its good to use a mirror with a tracing paper to see what you are drawing from a different angle. With this method, you can make to see errors from the mirror and correct them



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