Sketching Pencils

Sketching Pencils

When it comes to sketching or drawing, it is important that you use good quality pencils and colors in addition to your creativity. These days you can find a wide variety of sketch pencils and colors and you can buy them online with great ease.

Prismacolors artwork pencils have their very own advantages over other pencils. These pencils are made to give your artwork a bold yet creamy smooth texture. These are very useful in crafting innumerable artworks having many unique layers. The wax used in these pencils gives them their unique character of even blending and layering. The Prisma color Double is easily portable. The pencils come in convenient boxes of assorted colors, so the colors are not only well protected but also well organized.

They are great color alternatives in situations where carrying easels, paints, brushes, canvases and other equipments are troublesome. They can be brilliantly used for random artworks anywhere and everywhere, whenever an idea strikes your mind. Bright and radiant drawings can be made using these sketch pencils whenever you have a simple piece of paper and the desire to paint. The only additional object required is the pencil sharpener. The Prisma color Double is really handy and flexible when it comes to drawing. Be it a simple pencil sketch or a full-length artwork, these pencils can add special dimensions to every single painting. These can be used for even blending, multiple layering and can even be pressed for creating additional textures in the artworks. There are a few very basic steps of creating an artwork with these sketch pencils and they are as follows:

* To begin with first draw your basic outline sketch using the Prism color pencil. Prism color pencils glide easily on any paper so more pressure is not required. After completion of the outline they can be further thickened.

* The next step is to fill the colors. The Prism color double is available in wide range of vivid, lustrous colors. The colors can be further manipulated using the blender. You can start with the base color and then working up layers you can build up your own unique color spectrum.

* The double marker is a very useful thing for further texturing. The marker glides smoothly over color and graphite sketch equally. The wider end allows broader paint strokes while the fine tip is used for a better defined highlighting and shadowing. The marker adds the final finishing touch to your master piece.



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