Paint Brushes

Paint Brushes

When you talk about going green and cleaning naturally it is better for the environment and in some cases may be easier on your wallets as well. When individuals clean the natural way they avoid using items that have a chemical base that is exposed to our environment and causes damage. Artists should not be attracted by labels that promise to thoroughly clean and extend the life of your brushes. These products may do just the opposite and ruin your paint brushes along with resulting in hazardous side-effects that will affect our environment.

The first step to cleaning off your paint brushes naturally is to thoroughly rinse them off with water making sure to get rid of all the wet paint. If the paint used had an oil base, then the brushes should be rinsed off with oil or turpentine in order to get rid of the oily residue. The brushes can just be rinsed off in warm water if the paint used was based in water. If the water is too hot, then this can also damage the brushes. The water, oil, or turpentine should not be allowed to fall down on the brushes’ head because it will cause deformation.

While individuals clean their paint brushes using environmentally friendly materials the pressure applied while focusing on the bristles should not be too hard. If the pressure is too hard or in the process of cleaning the bristles are bent, then they may break or be deformed. The brushes can be wiped off with newspaper that can later by recycled or an old piece of cloth in order to get rid of extra paint left on them. No matter what an individual is cleaning there are always better alternatives than harsh chemicals to use that can do just as good of a job as the chemicals if not better.

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