Acrylic Painting Tips For Beginners

Acrylic Painting Tips For Beginners

Acrylic paint can be a great way for any aspiring painter to start from. This is because acrylic paint dries quickly. You can therefore let it dry and paint right over it provided the surface doesn’t contain oil or wax.

The following are some tips that can help you jump start your acrylic painting:

Use synthetic brushes.

Acrylic paint is always hard on brushes made from natural fibers. It is recommended you use synthetic brushes made of polyester and nylon filaments. They hold paint well and are easy to clean. They are also inexpensive.

Keep your painting brush wet when painting.

Keep your brush in water while painting to prevent paint from drying on the brush. This is because acrylic paint dries very fast. A dry brush will damage your painting.

Cleaning and storage.

It is also important to clean the brushes with soap and water immediately you are done painting. You should also rinse and dry them well before storing them. Always store your clean brushes standing up on end with the bristles in the air or put it lying down.


Detailing makes your art work appear excellent. You can use a small fine brush to apply details like the glisten on wings of a bird.


Flicking paint onto your work surface is good in creating a splatter effect. It is used in creating a starry night or adding texture to your piece. You can use a fairly wet brush to flick paint on your artwork.

Use a quality medium.

A quality medium will improve the flow of your acrylic paint. Using water alone will make the brilliance of your colors to diminish. Use a medium like Liquitex Acrylic Flow Aid for quality painting.

Finally, it is important to follow the basic techniques above to come up with quality artwork, but don’t limit yourself to these techniques. It is good to explore ways that you feel are right to you. After all, the main idea about painting is to bring out your creativity and uniqueness.



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